Sustainability + “intelligence” = Smart asset strategy

Take the smart technology associates with modern construction, facilities or asset management and then….


…add a “brain” in the form of a real-time (remote if necessary) complexity management system from Ontonix.

Rents and Occupancy Higher for Green Office Buildings

The real estate sector can play a significant role in a low-carbon economy. Not only do investments into more sustainable business practices and technologies benefit the environment and society, in general; they also create long-term value and competitiveness. In fact, a new report from RICS concluded that even in difficult economic times, green office buildings can offer investors considerable financial benefits, including higher rents and lower risk premiums.

The new report, titled Sustainability and the Dynamics of Green Building, summarizes data collected from North American buildings certified by the EOA’s Energy Star Program. The research shows that:

  • Green office buildings in the US performed better during the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009 than their comparable non-green high quality property investments.
  • Rents and occupancy rates for green office buildings were higher during the 2007 to 2009 period than for properties that have not had energy-efficiency measures incorporated into their structures.
  • Small increases in the sustainability of buildings –or more specifically in the energy-efficiency of their operation –can have large effects on their current use of energy and on their life-cycle energy consumption.

These results confirm findings from an earlier study which was completed before the onset of the financial crisis, and they suggest that sustainability is a fundamental component of real estate value.

“The single most important message of the report to the market clearly is that sustainable real estate investors can operate profitably even in times of financial constraints and that they may be better placed in future-proofing their assets than their less forward-thinking peer,” Ursula Hartenberger,  Global Head of Sustainability at RICS, said.

A copy of the report is available at

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