The Institute of Business Ethics: Good news for all…

This extract from a speech by Richard Alderman (Director, Serious Fraud Office) to Institute of Business Ethics.

…the subject of business ethics has assumed its rightful place at the heart of discussions about how companies do business and the standards to which they aspire.  These are very real and urgent questions because they concern the approach that companies take to doing business, how they treat their customers; how they treat people in other countries who will be affected in one way or another by their products; how they treat their own people and their families and the wider community; and how they look after the environment.  My impression talking to companies and their boards is that these topics now occupy a much more prominent role in the thinking of senior executives than ever before.

via The Institute of Business Ethics | About us | SFO – Serious Fraud Office.

2 Responses to The Institute of Business Ethics: Good news for all…

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  2. So, for what it is worth, here is my simple logic: an ETHICAL business, by definition, respects its stakeholders so operates INTERDEPENDENTLY. It offers TRANSPARENCY – because it can and it is a rare and, increasingly sought-after by discerning customers – thus can seize COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE to those of its competitors to whom transparency is a threat!

    As result of the ethical values, transparency and interdependence the business is not prone to generate excessive COMPLEXITY that erodes the structure of the business and increases risk.

    Less complex businesses are, significantly, more STABLE, PROFITABLE, PREDICTABLE and easier to MANAGE.

    Managing complexity and risk within the business makes it more ROBUST and enables the business leader(s) to assess where REDUNDANCY is required (to avoid fragility) and to build RESILIENCE.

    RESILIENT businesses are SUSTAINABLE which is good news for its STAKEHOLDERS, whether local or global and irrespective of domain.

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