Raising performance by reducing complexity – McKinsey Quarterly interview TalkTalk CIO

This “lesson” comes specifically from IT but the principles hold true for businesses that “can’t see the wood..!”

Past experience has shown me how easy it is for organisations to get caught up in “legacy thinking” and its allied processes. That is why change management is so very difficult.

It isn’t too many years ago I conducted an exercise (on a much smaller scale) to address these very issues, for the same reasons. It was to be the final piece required to form a platform for the next, and most significant phase, of growth. The process started with building a team structure and corporate strategy around values but the will to see the transformation through disappeared. I never completed what was begun.

I was sad to leave without completing the job BUT frustrated because the rewards for every stakeholder in the business were so close.

Instead of everyone contributing to and sharing in the success the business was sold. So the Directors got what they sought, the staff morale died and the business replaced its soul with layers of complexity required to mask the fact that customer service and satisfaction were no longer the priorities of the new owners.

Communities – Nations – need (and want) quality family businesses. These are vital components of a truly resilient economy. But, if the vision dies or the rut is too deep to be able to see the possibilities that lie beyond, what is left is another “off-the-shelf”, high growth (ego and greed-fuelled) business model that views its customers merely as units of business required to achieve targets &/or fund debt repayments. Great just what the World needs!!!

COMPLEXITY can kill more than business capabilities and service…

Raising performance by reducing IT complexity: An interview with TalkTalk’s CIO

David Cooper discusses revamping siloed IT systems that were raising costs, hurting customer service, and dampening growth opportunities.

via Raising performance by reducing IT complexity – McKinsey Quarterly – Telecommunications – Broadband.

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