Accountants, Ostriches and the Insane

A message to Robert Craven (author of this article – below):

Robert, it doesn’t stop there! When I inform some PSF’s of NEW technology, available on-line, providing a straightforward means to analyse the type of financial client information they deal every day, in and to determine the “health” of the business, identifying areas of weakness, it is like you have just questioned their competence and rubbished all that they know and hold dear!

NO!!! We are trying to help you and, through you, your clients, their customers and a “needy” economy!

Before any Accountants take offence at this article, I would just like to reiterate, I am NOT the author AND my father (a retired CA) did not deny that he had encountered similar “attitudes” on more than one occasion! Almost unbelievably, I have even come across this within insurance broking but, admittedly, not too often.

One accountant said that they had “decided to focus on cost cutting and so the whole marketing budget was frozen”. When I suggested a similar package but without any cost involved he said: “We don’t want to do any marketing even if it is free! We are focusing on cutting costs.” Curious – and a little bit stupid.

Another said: “I can tell you that marketing doesn’t work for us so we try not to do any.” More curious, and more stupid. Where does he think his existing customers come from? Marketing is not simply ads and promo; it is everything and anything you do that helps people to buy from you: everything from a word-of-mouth or referral campaign all the way through to a rebrand.

One said: “The last thing we want to do right now is go out and get more customers because then we would have to service them and I don’t think we could afford to do that.” Very curious, and very stupid.

Another said: “We’ll be too busy dealing with our year-end and it has been a lousy few months so that will be our priority for the time being.” Even more curious, and even more stupid.

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