SCOTTISH BUSINESS NEWS: old values + new tech. = brighter future

Not one but TWO pieces of truly exciting pieces of business news that should place Scotland…in particular Glasgow…at the forefront of repairing the reputation of Scottish business and to rebuilding a better, more sustainable and resilient economy – embracing what sustained us for millennia and what right-minded people know has been missing from our society and, in particular, our economy for far too long:

WE can achieve so much more by working together – interdependently -  and that, we can’t do anything unless that understanding extends to our environment.

Enterprise Hub to fund new and existing co-operative ventures

Co-operative Group has launched a new £7.5 million Enterprise Hub scheme for new and established businesses.

The Enterprise Hub, launched in Glasgow today, (Friday) will provide business, technical, legal and financial consultancy advice for new and existing co-operatives.

Co-operative said the fund will support entrepreneurs and communities throughout Scotland looking to set up co-operative ventures in retail, care, housing, and even community-run pubs.

The Hub scheme aims to support a co-operative a day throughout 2011.

It said the co-operative business model is enjoying a renaissance among ethically motivated entrepreneurs.

Co-operative Group launches new £7.5m enterprise scheme – Business 7.

A new £89m Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow will provide the city with 700 new research jobs, support 850 existing ones, and promote economic growth in key areas.

The centre working with Scottish Enterprise’s new International Technology and Renewable Energy Zone (ITREZ), and aims to put Scotland at the forefront of innovation in energy, pharmaceuticals and engineering in a "transformational project."

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