Glasgow named an IBM Smarter City: an’ ‘ers mair, nae kiddin’

MagnanimityWe really excel when it comes to presenting ourselves in the poorest possible light to the outside world. Ask other nationalities what is the first image of Glasgow to be conjured up and it is likely to be this one of grown men behaving badly. Strangely, on this occasion, the one with the red hair and anger management issue isn’t a native…but I think the point is made!

So, if it’s not the Old Frim going toe-to-toe, it could, just as easily, be drunks singing, urinating, sleeping or fighting in the street. Not good and not a fair representation but perhaps WE should do more…

Last week was a HUGE week for Glasgow. In truth I am sure that it will turn out to be a hugely significant week, at least for the Scottish economy but, I would hope, the UK economy.

Strangely though, unless I am missing more of the mainstream news than I first thought, it is a week during which the most significant news – no, NOT the spillage of thousands of cans of Stella Artois on M74 – will have bypassed all but the most conscientious [business] newshounds. Having said that The Times do deserve a special mention for the excellent article in Saturday’s issue, quite rightly, praising the exceptional work of Prof Jim McDonald, the principal at Strathclyde University. Now there is a man who deserves a Knighthood! I covered this item and another in a recent blog:

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