Glasgow named an IBM Smarter City: an’ ‘ers mair, nae kiddin’

MagnanimityWe really excel when it comes to presenting ourselves in the poorest possible light to the outside world. Ask other nationalities what is the first image of Glasgow to be conjured up and it is likely to be this one of grown men behaving badly. Strangely, on this occasion, the one with the red hair and anger management issue isn’t a native…but I think the point is made!

So, if it’s not the Old Frim going toe-to-toe, it could, just as easily, be drunks singing, urinating, sleeping or fighting in the street. Not good and not a fair representation but perhaps WE should do more…

Last week was a HUGE week for Glasgow. In truth I am sure that it will turn out to be a hugely significant week, at least for the Scottish economy but, I would hope, the UK economy.

Strangely though, unless I am missing more of the mainstream news than I first thought, it is a week during which the most significant news – no, NOT the spillage of thousands of cans of Stella Artois on M74 – will have bypassed all but the most conscientious [business] newshounds. Having said that The Times do deserve a special mention for the excellent article in Saturday’s issue, quite rightly, praising the exceptional work of Prof Jim McDonald, the principal at Strathclyde University. Now there is a man who deserves a Knighthood! I covered this item and another in a recent blog:

SCOTTISH BUSINESS NEWS: old values + new tech. = brighter future

Fenwick Weavers' Co-operative - image John McFadzeanThe following news completes a truly momentous week…in the year of the 250th Anniversary of the World’s first co-operative.

We can only screw it up from here….

Ya beauty, who fancies gaun tae ra the Pub for a 3 day bender!?


The IBM Smarter Cities Challenge is a competitive grant program in which IBM is awarding a total of $50 million worth of technology and services to 100 municipalities worldwide over the next three years.

IBM selected cities that made the strongest case for participating in the Smarter Cities Challenge. During these engagements, IBM technical experts, researchers and consultants immerse themselves in local issues and offer a range of options and recommended next-steps.  Among the issues they examine are healthcare, education, safety, social services, transportation, communications, sustainability, budget management, energy, and utilities.

The grant provides Glasgow with access to IBM’s top experts to analyse and recommend ways the city can become an even better place in which to live, work and play.

Teams of specially selected IBM experts will provide city leaders with analysis and recommendations to support successful growth, better delivery of city services, more citizen engagement, and improved efficiency.

Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “This is fantastic news and will help Glasgow as we move forward with our aim to become a European leader in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

“Through IBM’s Smarter Cities initiative we hope to maximise the tremendous opportunities for Glasgow to develop low-carbon energy technologies, efficient homes, the provision of affordable heat and the creation of sustainable communities. By reducing energy costs and helping to tackle fuel poverty for poorer sections of our community we hope to have a real impact on improving people’s health and quality of life.

“We are delighted that the IBM Smarter Cities Challenge has recognised the work underway in our city and want to work with us to enable Glasgow to be a smarter and more sustainable city.”

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