Revisited: RBS Bonuses, Bullying & (more) BS

I had a sick – disgusted – feeling in the pit of my stomach when I read these statements:

Banking: Stephen Hester, chief executive at RBS, yesterday told the Commons public accounts committee that he was “low paid” compared to people in equivalent jobs. (Scotsman page 11).

At the same meeting Eric Daniels, former chief executive of Lloyds, angered MPs by suggesting that the banking crisis was good for the UK.

It did bring to mind an old blog item that does still make me smile…

RBS Bonuses, Bullying & (more) BS BBC News – Royal Bank of Scotland announces £3.6bn of losses In the style of “Points of View”: Why oh why oh why are we subjected to numerous column inches, hours of discussion, Select committee interviews, general politicking and bullsh*t on what are patently SYMPTOMS!? It is all just further evidence that it is the CULTURE that needs to change before anything else of any real significance or permanence will occur. As far as RBS is concerned, it … Read More

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