Nassim Taleb gives us Bob Hope & carries a "AA" rating!!!

Bob Hope

Cover of Bob Hope


Like him or not no-one can deny that NNT doesn’t have (and demonstrate) just what a quick mind he has. Interviewers or fellow panellists have to be careful not to test his, equally quick, temper. But what I have really come to enjoy in recent years is the more frequent use of his quick wit. Like the man himself it is sharp…even “spikey”.

Acerbic Aphorisms: whilst he may have some way to go before rivalling the late Bob Hope, his back catalogue of one-liners is growing. They are a cocktail of humour and wisdom. Are served “dry” and you do NOT want to be on the wrong end of too many of them as a nasty headache is assured!

“It is much easier to scam people for billions than for just millions.”

“The difference between banks and the Mafia – banks have better legal-regulatory expertise, but the Mafia understands public opinion.” Read more of this post