Ontonix: KPI’s and the "Supply Chain"

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Image by comedy_nose via Flickr

Supply Chain vulnerability has not been more graphically illustrated than it has been by a succession of nature disasters and Geo-political upheaval experienced in recent times. We are all paying a price…some considerably higher than others! The question is: “What will we learn from devastating floods, earthquakes and tsunamis?”

Whilst, in our busy lives, we cannot afford to pause for long to consider the devastation and loss suffered by so many, we cannot ignore the lessons that these events teach us as individuals, families, communities and nations.

From a business perspective we cannot overlook the simple truth that, although we have become very good at identifying and managing risk, without preparation, our whole way of life and much of what we take for granted can be destroyed in minutes by “rare events” AND natural disasters.

In modern business there are so many activities that require to be closely monitored that the task, in itself, can create even greater uncertainty unless simplified. That is what we, at Ontonix, attempt to create for our clients…

Specific KPI can be defined for Marketing, IT, Sales, production, etc. The problem, in any event, appears to be a subjective one, namely that of choosing the right parameters and, most importantly, understanding the business well. In KPI definition the so-called intangibles are avoided since they cannot be measured.

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