FT.com: Saving struggling start-ups

Support for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses is a really hot topic. Partly due to a recent report from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor but also the desperate need to rebuild our economy from the bottom up and to innovate our way to a more resilient future.

Laudable but the track record suggests it’s just more Political rhetoric and a failure to recognise that “top down” hasn’t worked, isn’t even being supported by the Banks we own and what remaining trust in an unnecessarily complex, convoluted and confusing process will, most likely, continues to diminish. Still I do believe that there are enough right-minded people with creative solutions that just need the right platform and backing CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE VISION FOR THE FUTURE!

…the government plans to support 40,000 new enterprises over the next two years by offering grants and loans to unemployed people who can show they have robust business plans. Its new enterprise allowance is being piloted in Merseyside and will be rolled out nationally by the autumn.

For fast growers, or “gazelles”, it plans to launch the Business Coaching for Growth programme next January, in which up to 10,000 businesses a year will receive advice from private sector specialists to help them overcome barriers. It is aimed at established enterprises with the potential to increase employment or turnover by 20 per cent or more each year for three years.

The coalition also wants to create a web-based network of 40,000 business mentors. All governments since the 1980s have aimed to boost enterprise – Gordon Brown saw it as a way to improve productivity and show that Labour was about opportunity rather than class war. He claimed credit for a rise in Britain’s stock of businesses, from 3.7m in 1997 to 4.8m in 2009 now revised down to 4.5m, but much of this may have been down to low interest rates and easy credit as a result of the asset bubble.

via FT.com / Special Reports – Saving struggling start-ups.

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