Which would YOU prefer: the news or the truth?

I know where I and, I suspect, most right-minded people would stand…  

“Secrecy breeds arrogance and abuse of power. The best government is an open government, with a tough independent media to hold them accountable”

Alternet cover some very interesting issues only “problem” being that its focus is, predominantly, upon US matters.


Our article this week, "5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head — And That the Media Are Ignoring" by Rania Kahlek,  was the most popular article on AlterNet (among hundreds) in more than a month. That was striking evidence of our readers’ hunger for the facts that they are not getting. We aim to publish articles that shine the light for our readers every day.

The United Nations recently declared that Internet access is a basic human right and cited WikiLeaks and the Arab Spring as crucial factors. We agree. And we will fight for that right.

The attack on WikiLeaks is a profound assault on our basic freedoms, including freedom of the press. We must be relentless and fight back against tyranny, against scapegoating people like Bradley Manning, and against protecting liars and cheaters. Corruption is what happens if there is no sunshine, when information is controlled.

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