What every leader needs to know…but can be too afraid to ask!

I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t terribly important that Business Leaders grasp what complexity is, as long as they “understand” and reap the rewards of managing it for the benefit of their stakeholders.

Whilst Academia indulge in “mental masturbation” and wrestling with competing definitions, the impact in the commercial world required a solution. That is what Ontonix have developed.

Check your ego at the door

Although a Business Leader doesn’t need to “totally get complexity” there is still a major challenge and that is to recognise that he/she doesn’t know as much as they would like to think they do! But it is the same for all of us,  to such an extent that it may be better to “unlearn” aspects of what has been accrued over many years…

Failed approaches Progress has made novices of us all!

Click on the picture for a fuller explanation of the problem:

Business knowledge and intuition come from experience. BUT, if that experience – like statistical risk data accumulated, in some instances, for centuries – relates to period that bears little or no resemblance to the current era it could be as much use as an A – Z for the wrong city!

Ontonix DON’T leave our clients to “get lost”. We provide, otherwise hidden (silo free), insight into the business structure, pin-point accuracy and a unique map, prepared from current (real-time if required) data: no assumptions; no models but a rigorously tested, 100% quantitative, means of interrogating data relevant to the system and its environment…


In modernity, technology has transformed the nature and pace of business, in some instances, way beyond the capability of conventional techniques. The frailties of making assumptions or relying upon the wrong analyses have cost this and future generations dear. Yet, still, many business decisions are judged upon the outcome rather than on the quality of the decision…



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