Which would YOU prefer: the news or the truth?

I know where I and, I suspect, most right-minded people would stand…  

“Secrecy breeds arrogance and abuse of power. The best government is an open government, with a tough independent media to hold them accountable”

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Why “problem-solving capability” NEEDS enlightened leadership

It can be difficult to understand that common management issues and disappointing business performance can be examined in the context of biological, technological and ecological systems but… they can!

If you don’t believe me, you can, pretty readily, get a copy of Stephen Covey’s famous book, “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. I seem to recall he talks about INTERDEPENDENCE as a “higher state”. In doing so he is touching upon subjects dear to my heart and often taken for granted by each and every one of us…

…we would not fair terribly well without the unimaginable complexity of the ecosystem, that sustains our planet, or  the enormous biological complexity within the human body. There is a growing appreciation of the universality of systems: to such an extent that business, global financial, IT systems and others are now being viewed in a very different way…

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Seth Godin covers “known knowns thru unkown unknowns”

Risk management isn’t just something for businesses to deal with. Here is some, typically pragmatic, advice from a man for whom I have previously declared my (purely platonic) “love”:

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FT.com: Saving struggling start-ups

Support for aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses is a really hot topic. Partly due to a recent report from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor but also the desperate need to rebuild our economy from the bottom up and to innovate our way to a more resilient future.

Laudable but the track record suggests it’s just more Political rhetoric and a failure to recognise that “top down” hasn’t worked, isn’t even being supported by the Banks we own and what remaining trust in an unnecessarily complex, convoluted and confusing process will, most likely, continues to diminish. Still I do believe that there are enough right-minded people with creative solutions that just need the right platform and backing CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE VISION FOR THE FUTURE! Read more of this post

It’s Not About You: wisdom for the new [old] culture

It’s not a new message but a timely reminder for those embarking upon a journey in business-life. The “joy” of working and achieving interdependently is still an anachronism to those trapped by the prevailing culture but THEY are the one’s out of step with the natural way of things…and who have brought us to this point of socio-economic collapse!

Extract from an article I did in 2009: INSTITUTION + INDEPENDENCE = RELIANCE (DEPENDENCE)

It is “they” that need to change and by demonstrating what can be achieved by understanding that every system, particularly the most complex varieties, performs better when they work INTERDEPENDENTLY and will deliver benefits far beyond the mere “task in hand”.

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