Ontonix “simplifying complexity”: On-line FREE TRIAL

No sign-up, no catches, no hassle, no cost, no time wasted extracting “new” data, no company too small…just unprecedented insight into the business from


Ontonix Logo

Real-time Spreadsheets Analysis. Online!

Real-time data processing. Online! Try it HERE .

1. Just type in or copy (Ctrl-V) data into the spreadsheet



 sheet 1


2. Click on "Proceed" and watch! It only takes seconds





3. You will see which parameters dominate your data and their rank 



Ranking of parameters 


4. The structure of your data will be shown in the form of a map



 small map example


 Try it here. It is FREE.


One Response to Ontonix “simplifying complexity”: On-line FREE TRIAL

  1. Nick Gogerty says:


    just an FYI, the link takes one to another site and requests a login. Is the link correct and could you elaborate a bit about that in the post.

    It may also be helpful to explain the application of the data and chart once recieved. For example a scenario where company X determines they can reduce complexity by outsourcing steps 5&6. This will help make the chart meaningful in terms of actionability. The descriptive component looks interesting, but the proscriptive potential is the real value.


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