Insurance broking: What do you do when you’re in a hole?


Easy isn’t it?

Why then does an industry, I care dearly about (sad I know), refuse to do so?

Too many leaders are so immersed in the prevailing culture that they will readily recruit, at great expense, “Development Executives” to go out in a desperate effort to attract the volumes of new business that their budget forecasts dictate. Then get twitchy and irritable even when a “successful” conversion rate (in the current market 2 – 3:10) fails to deliver the results they hoped for.

That’s the way the market is…deal with it! Because you sure as hell can’t change it by sticking to what may have served you well in the past and is pretty similar to what everyone else is doing.

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Ontonix: developing our Chinese connections

We already have a very productive presence in China but this trip, in conjunction with Italian Officials, bears testimony to the fact that the appreciation of the benefits of managing complexity is growing:

Ontonix has been selected to form part of the Italian delegation of companies and will participate at the 8-day event, during which bilateral meetings between Italian and Chinese corporations shall be held in Shanghai and Nanjing. “We are very proud to form part of the Italian delegation” said Dr. J. Marczyk, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of Ontonix. “Our aggressive Research and Development effort over the past few years has enabled us to launch a series of unique products such our internet-based self-rating and diagnosis system for both large corporations as well as SMEs” he added. “Participation at this event is the recognition of our investments in continuing research and innovation. The first-of-a-kind self-rating system, which we will be presenting in China, has recently been used to perform the rating and diagnosis of over 700 Chinese public companies. It is a great offortunity for us to present this innovative technology and its first large-scale application to the Chinese market” he concluded.

via Ontonix – Complex Systems Management, Business Risk Management.

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Leaders may lead but responsibility is everyone’s

Seth Godin, in typically succinct terms, reminds us that, with responsibility and contribution, we each have the power to build something robust. We have allowed a generation of “leaders” to weaken organisations to feed their ego’s and pursue personal wealth but, although change is not easy, the means to (re)build something better rests with each of us.

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