Insurance broking: What do you do when you’re in a hole?


Easy isn’t it?

Why then does an industry, I care dearly about (sad I know), refuse to do so?

Too many leaders are so immersed in the prevailing culture that they will readily recruit, at great expense, “Development Executives” to go out in a desperate effort to attract the volumes of new business that their budget forecasts dictate. Then get twitchy and irritable even when a “successful” conversion rate (in the current market 2 – 3:10) fails to deliver the results they hoped for.

That’s the way the market is…deal with it! Because you sure as hell can’t change it by sticking to what may have served you well in the past and is pretty similar to what everyone else is doing.

How much would a company pay to recruit an Executive who would add 10% to company earnings? Would you believe them?

I am looking for a Company – ideally (but not exclusively) with a presence in Central Scotland – who want to know how to add 10% (or more) to earnings [operating profit] in year one and in subsequent years.

That want to: be the best that they can be; improve relationships with customers and insurers; create credible service standards; improve efficiency; staff morale (with staff retention and acquisition;, differentiate themselves from their competitors and go some significant way to future-proof their business…or, at least, position it to capitalise upon the failure of their competitors to adapt to a changing landscape.

If you think that the current model is sustainable, will survive further economic pressures and increasing demands for transparency, then call a Recruitment firm able to supply you with Development people who are still looking for the promised “greener pastures”. Alternatively, I am happy to have a chat about how it could be different and much better…

I am easy to get hold of: (m) +44 (0) 7919 917150 (e)

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