What is holding back your business…it may be YOU?

I have had the following graphic for so long that I can’t be absolutely sure that I can attribute it to McKinsey but they are the one’s getting the credit.

The truth is that everyone that I have shown this to can recognise the inherent wisdom…but then go off and, promptly ignore the “inconvenient” bits then wonder why “Growth & Change” remain illusive whilst their stakeholders question the ability of management to achieve stated goals and smart competitors seize the advantage!!!

Firms determine what results they want/need, commit the resource to existing or new people, so when it comes to a clash of culture (old v new), the descent into chaos and confusion is assured.

That is one reason why “change management” tends to be a long, slow, painful and costly exercise for many.

Any idiot can “manage” then find multiple excuses for failure (it’s normally someone else’s fault and it will be they that pay the price) but, if you are going to build something worthwhile and sustainable, it is a bottom-up or inside-to-out (i2o) process.

A business is a complex “system” with many component parts each of which has a role to play in enabling achievement of the purpose for which it was created…

Courtesy of (amongst other things) the human element, a business system will continue to “work” even when it is badly broken. However, for it to realise or exceed its potential requires the component parts to work interdependently. Unless the culture and people (in that order) are able and willing to play their part, underachievement – or worse – is assured.

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