"Complexity itself has become the problem": Consultant-News.com

If we are to (re)build financial resilience then it can only be done with a greater understanding of what makes a system fragile. So, I am delighted that more and more Consultancies are promoting the “complexity message”.

Although, as I have journeyed deeper into the subject, it has become clear that most of what is written about complexity theory is dense, academic and/or expensive. On the other hand, I often read or listen to consultants, ‘experts’ and media people who proffer ludicrously simplistic ‘solutions’ to complex predicaments, often without the ability to offer a clear, concise or measurable definition of complexity…not the best starting point IF considering engaging a Consultant!!!

Since it seems most people would prefer things to be simple, these ‘experts’ always seem to have an uncritical audience.  I can’t comment upon the competence of any of these firms but, I CAN say that the Ontonix approach offers a radically different and transparent solution*. Read more of this post