Panning for “customer gold”

For once, I don’t intend to get too “hung up” on promoting the social media message from this article. But I DO want to highlight, what to me, is the fundamental message about using the data that a business produces…and too often discards…to align capabilities to Buyer/Customer service.

I know, from my experience in the insurance industry, that too often “customer segmentation” is done in accordance with what best suits the organisation e.g. premium spend, line of business, trade, etc. This may have made sense at one time but I’m not so sure that this should still be the case.

The NEED for (and benefits of) operational alignment recognises the interdependent nature of a venture. Every business function generates information as “digital verification” of the resources it requires, the processes it undertakes and what it produces. The ability to share that information can empower at every level of the organisation. However, only a truly ethical, values-led, business can fully engage its employees and offer the transparency that customers, increasingly, demand.

With such a message, products that deliver sustainable value and communication tools – particularly social media – the means to attract and accumulate “gold” is as close to being assured as it can be!

Aligning to buyer expectations on service can only come from “across the board visibility into metrics up and down the organization”, said Goldberg.  His mantra is a simple one, “transparency comes from empowerment which comes from information.”   How do you get transparency? Empower front line employees with better information and insights based on analytics and qualitative information such as resolving the customers issue on the first call” Most of the customer experience in Service comes from dealing with an agent or sales associate.  They have to get it right in every encounter.  Analytics and big data are the core enablers of empowerment.  The other enablers are company leadership and culture change.  “Many companies do not really know what it means to live in a socially-driven world.  Their CEOs need to recognize how customers want to be talked to,” shares Goldberg.

The Gold in Social Customer Service

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