Competitive Advantage: Are You Focused on What is Important?

IF you take the time to listen carefully to customers you will hear how you can serve them, their customers and your stakeholders  better: give customer value.

Alternatively, if all you hear are “complaints” and you just keep looking inward at how you can squeeze every last ounce of earnings from each “unit”, you are destined to keep on selling. Competing, on price…in a race to the bottom: take customer value.

A great business starts by making its business culture the source of service &/or product innovation and these gains and can maintain competitive advantage.

Gaining and maintaining competitive advantage requires that your business be focused on the proper things; that is simple, but not always easy. There are really only two areas of business focus in order to establish competitive advantage: first, you must be competitive in your industry and secondly your business must differentiate itself from the competition.

via The COO’s Bulldog®.

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