Can You Fix That? [Forbes]: not without looking to the future…

…but I would prefer to use some fancy language and glossy brochure about why we think you should trust us – with absolutely NO foundation – whilst we are creating the illusion that, in some way, we can master the mechanism (that is in no way related to a “Ponzi scheme”) that converts other people’s efforts into their survival(ish) and your wealth. The alternative is, to demonstrate ALL that is accredited with defining “intelligence” in the prevailing business culture:

Why is the track record of corporate management so bad at fixing problem businesses? Largely because most of their time is spent tyring to extend the past, rather than create a business which can thrive in the future.

via Can You Fix That? – Filene’s, Sym’s, Sears, Home Depot, WalMart – Forbes.

I’ll SELL a vision of the future that CANNOT be created by a flawed model, but, that you will BUY- into based upon, performance NOW – or over a period that justifies the original PURPOSE…the longer the time-frame, intuitively, the more credible, or appealing, the proposition!

After all, it’s easier to deal in terms that people understand rather than “burden” them with the [inconvenient] truth. Apparently!?

When Will the Euro Collapse? Around Q3 2013

This blog, from our Corporate website, reinforces what we are gradually accepting (I think!?) but puts a timeline on it. However, the most important aspect is the ability that Ontonix deliver, to measure complexity and robustness to such an extent. This is not some overpriced, part quantitative part qualitative, “opinion” but a 100%, objective, quantitative analysis of Publicly available macro-economic data. the full article is here.

Exactly one year ago we published a blog warning that the Structural Resilience of the EU economy had decreased from “Low” to “Very Low”, reaching dangerous levels, at which contagion becomes very likely. In that blog the situation was depicted as in the figure below: Read more of this post

“Government Deficits Could Be the Next ‘Black Swan’” – Taleb, 2010

When is a Black swan not a Black swan???

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Please don’t think ill of me for re-reading one of my own blogs from 2010 because I think this quote justifies it in its own:

The problem is getting runaway. It’s becoming a pure Ponzi scheme. It’s very nonlinear: You need more and more debt just to stay where you are. And what broke [convicted financier Bernard] Madoff is going to break governments. They need to find new suckers all the time. And unfortunately the world has run out of suckers.

NNT tends to be worth listening to even if this conclusion wont surprise too many! Read more of this post