Can You Fix That? [Forbes]: not without looking to the future…

…but I would prefer to use some fancy language and glossy brochure about why we think you should trust us – with absolutely NO foundation – whilst we are creating the illusion that, in some way, we can master the mechanism (that is in no way related to a “Ponzi scheme”) that converts other people’s efforts into their survival(ish) and your wealth. The alternative is, to demonstrate ALL that is accredited with defining “intelligence” in the prevailing business culture:

Why is the track record of corporate management so bad at fixing problem businesses? Largely because most of their time is spent tyring to extend the past, rather than create a business which can thrive in the future.

via Can You Fix That? – Filene’s, Sym’s, Sears, Home Depot, WalMart – Forbes.

I’ll SELL a vision of the future that CANNOT be created by a flawed model, but, that you will BUY- into based upon, performance NOW – or over a period that justifies the original PURPOSE…the longer the time-frame, intuitively, the more credible, or appealing, the proposition!

After all, it’s easier to deal in terms that people understand rather than “burden” them with the [inconvenient] truth. Apparently!?

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