When Will the Euro Collapse? Around Q3 2013

This blog, from our Corporate website, reinforces what we are gradually accepting (I think!?) but puts a timeline on it. However, the most important aspect is the ability that Ontonix deliver, to measure complexity and robustness to such an extent. This is not some overpriced, part quantitative part qualitative, “opinion” but a 100%, objective, quantitative analysis of Publicly available macro-economic data. the full article is here.

Exactly one year ago we published a blog warning that the Structural Resilience of the EU economy had decreased from “Low” to “Very Low”, reaching dangerous levels, at which contagion becomes very likely. In that blog the situation was depicted as in the figure below:


Apart from providing these links I also wanted to share this extract as the Ontonix Founder, Dr Jacek Marczyk has excelled himself with this “beautiful” little summary of system complexity:

When a system grows and evolves, its complexity increases. Take a look at evolution in our biosphere to realize that this is true. If you want to  accomplish more you must become more complex. This means two things: structure and entropy. Structure is what defines functionality, entropy is what allows a system to react in a creative and novel way to a changing and possibly harsh environment. In biology this is adaptation. When you get too much of either structure or entropy you’re in trouble – you reach to so-called critical complexity and your fragility increases. You become exposed and vulnerable. Your ability to absorb more uncertainty (and still function) diminishes, just as your capacity to face extreme events. This last property is called resilience.

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