Beware Zombie’s in pinstripes!

What do we do when an organisation becomes so complex that it fails to perform the functions for which it was intended…when it is no longer “fit for purpose”?

Well, in nature, it dies and decays or is killed and eaten. This is as it should be in business!

But, as we now know, that isn’t always the case. We have current examples of institutional failure and collapse – but deemed “Too Big To Fail” – being artificially kept alive at escalating and unsustainable expense to you and me!!!. I am, of course, referring specifically to Banks and the Public Sector.

These “Zombie institutions” are as slow as the real deal but they don’t crave your flesh or change physical appearance until in the latter stages.

In the meantime they are carriers of a deadly and highly contagious virus: the “Zi” virus infects upon contact during “unprotected” financial transactions; through nurture.

Some experts believe that it can be spread via digital networks.

Furthermore, evidence indicates that regular use of the recreational drug “CR” (grows wild – long term use of large quantities are potentially harmful). Organically gown it is much sought after for its wealth-giving, even healing, properties. It is increasingly rare and, therefore, expensive.

Users senses are heightened and they experience a feeling of well-being or “elation” for a brief period.  An unregulated copy “DR” (known as debt) can cause an extreme reaction within victims. It is highly addictive to those who display addictive tendencies, diagnosed sufferers of HES (Heightened Ego Syndrum), with the “intellectually superior” &/or feeble-minded.

Peddling DR to addicts is an extremely lucrative and truly global business despite the damage it does at every level of society.

Crime networks, known as “kleptocracies” are globally connected and have traded DR very successfully for many years. The “secret” of their exponential growth and longevity has being in succession planning – the “skills” passed from generation to generation or taught in exclusive Clubs. Their people are everywhere. On the Street in offices and accessible 24/7. They are menacing “black-hearted” individuals whose concern for their customers is inversely correlated to the number transactions.

“Users” pay a heavy price for their addiction but are so “reliable” as to be, virtually, guaranteed (unless the die too quickly): “money in the bank”.

In the past “dealers” used to be easily identifiable by their pin-striped appearance and sweet smell but, when they too are infected, they don’t dress as smartly and are already starting to smell a bit off. They offer extremely attractive opportunities for promotion (Power and wealth) to the independently-minded. They have driven interdependent suppliers of the least harmful versions under ground, out of business, bought them out or otherwise removed any obstacles.

Connections – on personal and business bases – at the highest levels of society within Politics, Legal and media ensured more favourable trading conditions for this lucrative trade and implied immunity from prosecution.

The virus, initially, impairs the “moral balance” (judgement). Left untreated, it attacks the vital pathways of neural and biological networks: can lead to chronic addiction (food, alcohol, consumer goods, drugs, etc.); blindness; selfishness.

Sufferers should be isolated as soon as possible: in the early stages, proximity to others e.g. in business environment, accelerates the spread in all sufferers. This is the final stage at which the patients conscience or sight can be saved.

These patients require constant monitoring, in a regulated environment, as both mental and physical health deteriorate: the insatiable appetite for power and wealth turns to gorging upon human flesh. Devouring DR addicts (debtors) appears to slow the rotting process. But, thankfully, DR is a finite resource and user numbers have collapsed so life can no longer be artificially sustained.

Nature is allowed to take its course but not before many more victims are contaminated and the virus allowed to mutate and spread.

Business survival should only be the preserve of the most adaptable (innovative), fittest (or most resilient) of the species.

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  1. I drafted the outline for this article back in September but was not 100% happy with it BUT, I couldn’t stay silent any longer. Then, “low and behold”, in the fine tradition of “it never rains but it pours” I have just stumbled upon this article from The Guardian:

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