The difference between knowledge and understanding

This answer is from a Linkedin discussion forum and, judge for yourself, but I thought the answer was about as complete as it could get:

  • Knowing; having the ability to cite chapter and verse with reference to an issue / area / industry, facilitating one to project oneself as somewhat of a subject matter expert
  • Understanding; when the full depth and breadth of a given subject matter is inseparably interwoven / integrated within one’s core, resulting in seemingly instinctive thoughts and awareness

CRITICAL LOSS and FAILURE; refers to the impact at personal and group level (of immeasurable scope) where an individual with true understanding, is unable or unwilling to consistently translate that vast understanding into effective action.

Snake Oil Sales; refers to an individual without true understanding, yet portraying oneself as a having vast understanding of subject matter.

*NOTE: Both Critical Loss as well as Snake Oil Sales result in unequalled damage upon the greater group. Both equate to dysfunctional conditions & damage, and are thus in need of identification and immediate handling by truly effective leadership

We have all come across individuals, organisations and scenarios such as the above and, if you have anything further to add, please feel free to comment.