Risk Management :: Global ORM Software and Services Market to Reach US$2.28 Billion by 2015

Alternatively, “Advanced Risk Management” from Ontonix – that recognises organisations as complex systems – may just save a substantial amount of that money, contributing to the re-engineering of Corporate structure and culture to (re)build resilience (around effective information flow) for the “Digital Age”

With over 65% of companies’ worldwide attributing poor and inefficient risk management as the leading cause for the meltdown of the international financial structure, organizational perception of risk is changing rapidly. For instance, the concept is no longer deemed limited to just insurance, loss avoidance and compliance, but has expanded to include all facets of risks that have an impact on the future performance of the organization. This shift in perception has also led a number of companies, especially investment banks and financial institutions, to adopt risk management as a tool for sustainable, long-term growth and to sharpen competitive advantages.

The importance of risk management has been rather lucidly demonstrated by the economic crisis. As a result of the fiasco of efficient risk management, regional and multinational banks and financial institutions have come under greater scrutiny by regulatory bodies and central banks.

via Global Operational Risk Management ORM Software and Services Market to Reach US$2.28 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc..

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