When Kleptocracies crumble: a farewell to Knights

Correction: Mr Goodwin is no longer a Knight of the Realm (you may have heard!?). Even as I write these words I can’t quite believe it: I feel sorry for him! He is the scapegoat for an industry and a culture that was “lauded” by Politicians and ignored by the Regulators THEY appointed…because the increased tax revenue came in handy and insistence upon “due diligence” may have unduly affected their own career paths!

Moral hazard or what!!!

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BBC News – Royal Bank of Scotland announces £3.6bn of losses

In the style of “Points of View”: Why oh why oh why are we subjected to numerous column inches, hours of discussion, Select committee interviews, general politicking and bullsh*t on what are patently SYMPTOMS!?

It is all just further evidence that it is the CULTURE that needs to change before anything else of any real significance or permanence will occur.

Merciless leaderTop performer

As far as RBS is concerned, it is pretty common knowledge that their “disgraced”, but unpunished and not impecunious, former leader has a track record akin to  Genghis Khan at the peak of his powers. Ok, so in keeping with modern etiquette his enemies were only put to the literal (financial) sword…whilst he is STILL a Knight of the Realm. Many of them, deemed to be ”traitors” from within his own ranks, suffered…along with their, equally innocent, families…as…

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