Social business:: an outward sign of "inner well-being"

In case any aspiring business leaders are still in any doubt about the merits of integrating a social media presence into their Corporate strategy, hopefully, these few words will prompt some further thought. Not because I am trying to sell anything to anyone but because it isn’t every firm can afford to offer the TRANSPARENCY that stakeholders increasingly demand: competitors weaknesses can be your strength

Market-Interconnected-PeopleI believe that effective “Social Media” requires a high level of stakeholder engagement so is a tool for those whose VALUES and SERVICE are embedded in the DNA of the business and are manifest throughout the business…such commitment cannot be faked. Transparency serves as a form of “self-regulation” and a platform to build TRUST and LOYALTY. Practising “social business”, of course, is not sufficient on its own. Whilst it may identify an organisation as progressive or innovative – qualities appreciated by like-minded leaders in many of the smartest companies across business sectors [prospective clients and customers!] – the need is for an agile, adaptable, organisational structure, to aid the efficiency and pace of information-flow across a complex enterprise, connected systems and networks.

A “healthy” business has nothing to hide and is equipped to outperform rivals – in a complex, changing or uncertain environment – whose outward appearance is carefully crafted to convey the image of health!

“One of the most important questions being asked today is how to bring all the creative and strategic assets together and make them work as a cohesive and productive initiative.  The answer is online media planning, coupled with individual unit functionality capabilities.”

A well coordinated Social Network media plan will address these goals.

  1. Vertical Markets
  2. Revenue Drivers
  3. Viral Information Publication
  4. Security
  5. Mobile phone  & Portable Device Delivery

If you own a business why simply participate in someone else’s social network when you can create your own?

In todays new media environment companies are seeking to expand their communication through the use of social networks, participatory media, and viral marketing.  Social Networks utilize advanced information design technologies in  order to maximize communication, productivity and profitability.

  • The creation of social networks enables group thought, publication, and syndication.
  • Social Networks enable companies to energize their  market message and synergize their communication channels with the exponential power of numbers in  order to maximize communication, productivity and profitability.
  • Social Networks arrange themselves into ordered systems.
  • When a business creates and participates in it’s own social network it benefits from user generated content and the process of cybernetics.
  • The business benefits in many ways but the most important of these benefits is the fact that  the system  will by its very nature  use input to improve itself.

With a little help from your users that is!

via. Cybernetics & Social Networks

One Response to Social business:: an outward sign of "inner well-being"

  1. “In an era of social networking, demonstrable expertise will prove crucial. Transparency is no longer something a company chooses; it is a state of being. As many businesses are learning, social media has come to matter as much or more than paid advertising. People really can see inside your company, through the online activities of its employees, suppliers, and consumers”.

    Douglas Rushkoff

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