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I have previously referred to the danger of “micro managing macro issues” and the impact of the, morally corrupt, culture of “Irresponsible Capitalism” upon fragile structures from the Industrial era…but I don’t have the same gravitas as the Founder of the World Economic Forum, so am unsurprised when people question my conclusions!

In this article (extract below) for he spells out what leaders of the prevailing culture are afraid to admit. But, who is listening and where are the “risk leaders” who are prepared to act?

I would urge anyone, who is interested in gaining an understanding of the “deeper issues”, to listen to this interview with Ulrich Beck (Professor of Sociology and Author of “The Risk Society”). He is worth listening to: “…Current societies are characterised by their extreme complexity at a moment in history in which traditional political institutions have lost much of the power, a power which has now passed into the hands of multinational companies…”.

…The world remains in crisis-management mode as the complexity of the challenges it faces remains overwhelming. Leaders are under increasing pressure not only to address domestic issues, but also to extinguish global fires that have raged since engulfing the world in deep crisis three years ago.

We are living in the most interdependent and fast-paced era in history. Across the world, decision makers are struggling to take action on critical economic, political and societal issues.

On a global level, and particularly within Europe, continued signs of systemic and structural disintegration are prevalent. The international architecture – born from the ashes of the second world war – is defunct, as specific national interests increasingly trump common regional and global ones…

via The new model leaders –

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