World Economic Forum:: digital information structure and risk resilience

More critical thinking from WEF. Instead of existing “apart from” digital networks, the “semantic web” is as much apart of us as we are of it! I don’t expect universal agreement but how truly independent are we? How much of what we rely upon, as individuals and businesses, could we do without if we don’t have access to cash to buy food, communications and global logistics?

Understanding and embracing INTERDEPENDENCE would be a good start. After all that is what makes the difference between successful and resilient complex systems and those that are inter-connected but fragile due to ineffective [ambiguous] communications: collaboration not competition.

The process needs to start at “atomic” level, with business leaders aligning culture and operations to a resilient digital structure that enables them to remain agile and adapt to changing stakeholder needs within the business ecosystem and wider economy: (re)build, spread and maintain resilience from the inside out [i2o]…avoiding excessive complexity.

imageThe World Economic Forum recognizes that the risks, rewards and governance of the networked economy are core issues of the global agenda and fundamental for sustainable growth and stability. Additionally, it recognizes that only a coordinated approach will ensure that new opportunities for growth are fully leveraged and risks managed.

Throughout 2011, the World Economic Forum developed a multi-stakeholder project to identify and address emerging global systemic risks arising from the increasing connectivity of people, processes and objects. Some simple observations about the rapidly evolving environment can guide us in developing an appropriate response.

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