Ontonix:: the why, what and how of on-line rating


No surprise that “complexity isn’t simple”! But, whilst WE, at Ontonix, can’t change that, we are determined to simplify the process of gaining unprecedented insight into the, otherwise hidden, structure within system data.

Our Mission is to contribute to (re)building resilient economies and that is a job that wont be done “top down” but from the “inside out” [i2o].

We have created an accessible, cost-effective, means of business owners and leaders to begin the process of transformation to less complex, more resilient, enterprises.

However, we recognise that there will always be those people (particularly when it comes to an abstract concept like complexity) who want to know more about the “nitty-gritty” so we have also prepared a “technical note” that can be downloaded from here: RESILIENCE RATING OF CORPORATIONS, FINANCIAL PRODUCTS AND MARKETS

So, whether it is to appease sceptics, enlighten the ill-informed, explain “solutions” to problems that conventional risk management CANNOT answer, or to provide invaluable tools for the risk leaders of tomorrow, we want to make sure that as many obstacles to building better businesses, as can be, are removed.

We are in the truly unique position of enabling transparency and objectively rating an organisation without revealing any “commercially sensitive” information.

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