TRUST:: only if “leaders” can walk the talk!

I can’t speak for anyone else but I have always reckoned that TRUST should be pretty high on the agenda for GOVERNMENTS and FINANCIAL SERVICES!? Edelman Trsut attributesIF you still listen to “leaders” from either, they will tell you that IS the case.

Of course they do…and if you really want to tax your brain, consider the liar paradox! [have fun]

According to the old adage, “talk is cheap” and, from relatively early in our development, “easy”. Likewise, walking is another “basic” human skill. We see it happening every day in life and, those of us fortunate enough to have been blessed with the ability to do both, practise them on a daily basis…sometimes, even, simultaneously!

SO, it would be reasonable enough to expect that individuals who have reached the upper echelons of their chosen careers would have no difficulty in doing both?

But, there is growing evidence to suggest that this is not the case. The inability of a leader to “walk the talk” is a reliable indicator of a contaminated culture.

Data gathered over many years indicate that, when “greed and ego”, a potentially deadly virus (present in every individual), can react with “financial incentive” particles, that, when present in sufficient quantities in the immediate environment, impair individual and group judgement. Untreated it spreads rapidly infecting individuals, connected groups and other systems. 

Conventional testing does not identify the infection in the early stages and treatments (incl. efforts to regulate the environment) have been limited to attempting to manage symptoms (constraining the system(s)), which has slowed the spread without addressing the underlying issues. The spiralling costs of management and failure to treat the causes are no longer sustainable…

Systems that appear, outwardly, healthy can be fragile and are prone to unpredictable performance, behaviour that is difficult to manage and, without treatment, sudden and unforeseen collapse.

The ONLY reliable means of identifying infected systems is to test and monitor for early stage symptoms. Ontonix offer a range of solutions including on-line.

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