UK Economy:: unfortunate coincidence or MORE symptoms…

…of the debt-fuelled “ME” culture and an even worse legacy for our children?

Our Governments have licenced the institutional rape of our planet and, not content with burdening the unborn with debt the youngest, weakest and most infirm in our society continue to pay so that morally bankrupt institutions can retain power and wealth. We are paying the heavy price of the excessive complexity they have created and those with the power to make change continue to ignore the lessons of the past. We are looking at social crises bringing about the collapse of complex societies: dystopia!

OK, so you may conclude that I am “over-blowing” things but we have already had civil unrest, flaming stores, failing Public services (with more cuts to come), strikes, marches and peaceful protest. In less stable economies it took a single fruit seller to bring about bloody change!!!

Our survival may depend upon fundamental change so we can no longer settle for lies in the form of “misinformation”!

Of course that is just my opinion (based upon some pretty extensive “research”!). You can judge for yourself…

Care applications hit 10,000 in a year for first time January 2012 saw the highest ever number of care applications recorded in an individual month and professionals say the pressure is mounting

Struggling retailer Mothercare has announced plans to close more stores over the next three years. The company said it had closed 62 stores in the UK in the past year and would close another 111 stores by March 2015.

The group, which also runs the Early Learning Centre, said the 200 profitable outlets it was focusing on were made up of 95 out-of-town stores and 105 High Street stores.

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