Broaden your mind:: Nassim Taleb reading recommendations

You don’t have to agree with all that he says, like his (occasionally) abrasive manner or even have much of an understanding of probability, financial markets, uncertainty, complexity and risk to learn some interesting information from Nassim Taleb’s book recommendations.

Another fascinating source of “challenging” reading material, to which Taleb contributes and that I would highly recommend is Edge.

via Book Recommendations from Nassim Taleb | Farnam Street.

Nassim Taleb [Princeton Uni. presentation]:: Fragility and “Anti-fragility” [resilience]

When Taleb speaks the financial world should listen

I am a fan of Nassim Taleb and, even though I never studied Maths beyond school, I understand what he is saying. And, more importantly, WHY! For me, he is “the contrarians contrarian”.

For the sake of clarity, when NNT refers non-linear systems these are complex systems…like a business.

Although NNT delivers this presentation as if someone else had prepared it…in an unfamiliar language… the message is pretty clear. The fact that much of it runs contrary to “conventional wisdom” is no bad thing. In fact, with the growth in his personal popularity, following on from the success of his excellent books and the advent of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, it is reassuring that those who have questioned aspects of the thinking that has underpinned the Financial Sector for so long, are no longer so easily dismissed as radicals, nutters or heretics. It is only with a growing number of informed-thinkers on this and related subjects, that we have any chance of reaching a, much-needed, “tipping point” from where we can begin to repair the damage done…instead of adding to it! Read more of this post