Trade-Off :: Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion [Dr David Korowicz]


I first came across the work of Dr David Korowicz a couple of years ago and was sufficiently enthused that I wrote this article: All you could ever want to know about why complexity is THE big deal

David described his paper, Tipping Point to me as “an attempt to describe globalised complexity in more popular form”. I said then that I thought it went, significantly beyond that!

So, you can imagine how honoured I was to be invited to preview his latest work:


Financial System Supply-Chain Cross-Contagion: a study in global systemic collapse

Since reading the draft version I have been desperate to share it with my colleagues and contacts!

It is an outstanding piece of work, with a vital message, to which I could add very little! It should be required reading for Political, Financial and Corporate “leaders”, whose disjointed attempts at micro management merely add uncertainty to macro issues and increase volatility.

Gaining an holistic perspective of interconnectedness can only aid the understanding that classical theories, conventional tools and techniques lack the requisite variety to address multiple, pressing, issues. And that attempts to manage, using past knowledge (correlations in data), is to treat uncertainty as risk…in which case, causation, within man-made systems, is, wrongly, assumed to be unforeseeable.

The sheer scale and complexity of the myriad interconnected issues are enough to have, all but the most determined (or concerned), “close their minds” to the nature, possibility and implications of global collapse.

David “simplifies” and spells-out what we have to contend with and how ill-prepared (ignorant would not be too strong!) we are for where we are headed.

I like to think that, our mission, at Ontonix demonstrates that we are committed to working with “leaders and thinkers” to begin to (re)build the systemic resilience required to reduce the risk and, hopefully, impact of collapse!

Ontonix have established that, with the appropriate tools to analyse the information in data (pertaining to complex systems) the “digital structure” CAN be revealed. Its evolution and causal relationships measured, mapped and monitored to maintain resilience and contribute to (re)building hubs of systemic resilience…this can be the only sound basis for sustainability.

I have written plenty about Global Supply Chain risk and, in particular, how the banking and insurance industry were, once, pillars of “systemic resilience” but now provide the conduit and serve as superspreaders of systemic risk. I you want to learn more follow the links of search the blog. Whatever you do DON’T be ignorant or believe that these (or Political) institutions are addressing the problems…they are not!!!

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