Insurance:: “Future risk” and technology [CII report]


image30 yeas ago (and for much of the intervening period!) I never thought I would utter the words, “what a great report from CII” but there you are, I’ve done it now. I’m the “sad” insurance man I never wanted to be.

Well, not quite, because I am very much an outsider as far as the insurance industry stands right now. The main reason being that too many people on the inside don’t want to hear, like or understand what I have to say about the massive problems that the industry is adding to day, after day, after…

In an effort to share knowledge and technology that I have acquired, I have spoken to many people, contributed to multiple discussion forums, written numerous articles, highlighted books and reports (from Academia, major Consultancy firms, Central Banks, respected industry figures, even the World Economic Forum!) about major issues affecting the industry…as well as risk management, banking and economics. And, whilst the awareness of the nature of complexity, its relevance to risk and how business NEEDS to build resilience (to prepare for uncertainty), has grown, it is apparent that too many leaders are ignorant of or blind to the increased risk they carry and the scale of the opportunity they are missing. That’s rather……frustrating!!!  


Still, upward and onward!

This is the latest attempt to breach the walls of the flawed belief systems that underpin a culture of short-termism (and much more). For anyone aspiring to the mantle of an “Industry Leader” this report – along with some others I can highly recommend – are required reading. Otherwise we will carry on along the Roads to Ruin.

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