Who ever doubted that happy employees were key to success?


When you ask the question like that it seems preposterous that there are any employers out there who actually ever thought “differently”!?

Even more bizarre when you realise that some prominent companies in the insurance industry (particularly brokers focused on growth…at any cost) prefer to continue to ignore the detrimental impact upon their business – of a "bad" culture or environment – preferring instead to “blame” employees if/when they don’t “buy-in” to flawed strategies or a Corporate Culture that is more about “the model” that it ever was about “the customer”.

The tell-tale signs are there for all to see: low morale; high staff turnover; high growth targets; focus on price, sales and marketing; low renewal retention, etc.

Give employees freedom within a framework to improve the customer experience

There aren’t too many “happy employees” within organisations driven by Greed, Fear & Ego and if employers don’t recognise the contribution of their own staff to the success of the operation, it really doesn’t bode well for how the company’s “leaders” treat their customers and other stakeholders! 

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