Driver sued for refusing to sue

I’m sure that most people will be shocked by this story but, for me, it is the back-story of the claim culture, the role of the insurance and secondary industries that it “feeds”. Sooner or later we realise who the victims are!

No-win, no-fee lawyers such as this can pay claims companies up to £500 for passing on the personal details of people injured in car accidents, although there is no evidence that this particular firm has done so. In January, Mr Hopper says he was contacted by a GP surgery asking him to attend a medical in respect of the claim. At this point, any lingering stiffness in his neck was long gone. Mr Hopper’s conscience kicked in. He would not lie to a doctor, so he pulled out of the claim before his appointment. He told the law firm he no longer wished to pursue the claim. They sent him a letter saying that as he had discontinued the court action, he was liable for their costs, which amounted to £1,140. h

You may already know that the Government have already sought to shake up civil justice related to the “no win no fee legions”.

This is a topic I have written about in much more detail before and these may aid your understanding of the true nature of the problems and who actually benefits from

3 Responses to Driver sued for refusing to sue

  1. Roland Waters says:

    Seems the data may wel have been traded on by the former C’s insurers as such, vast incomes are generated by insurers trading personal, private and confidential data to the highest bidders. At present some whom insurers allow access to the data advertise it for sale on well known ‘professional connectedIn’ websites!

    Also, insurers bypass the provisions of the DPA by moving data offshore into unregulated territories, hence it can be traded at local cafe in far off places. At least there the credit card details can be matched with banks data to facilitate better standards of identity fraud!

    Well done Financial Services Industries and regulators!

  2. Roland Waters says:

    Of course, if the solicitors had no authorisation from the FSA to assist in the administration or performance of contracts of insurance, ie Claims, then the consumer can counter claim?

  3. Hi Roland,
    For all I know the Solicitor could be a 6′ rabbit called Bob and be licensed by the Tooth Fairy…that’s how ridiculous the system has become!


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