The Connected Company: How Distributed Organism Businesses are Rising Against the Machine to Build a More Connected World

“Companies are not really machines, so much as complex, dynamic, growing systems. After all, companies are really just groups of people who have banded together to achieve some kind of purpose…"

Dave Gray, Author “The Connected Company”

I can recommend Dave’s enlightening presentationimage

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Watch "Eddie Obeng: Smart failure for a fast-changing world"

I’d never heard of Eddie but, ‘once heard never forgotten’ is how I reckon most open-minded people will view this circa 13 minute presentation. I can only describe it as being like stand-up that might make you smarter!

The world is changing much more rapidly than most people realize

He is right in everything that he says and, remarkably, he manages to tell us: what is wrong with ‘conventional wisdom’ without deriding Institutions; about non-linear systems, chaos and complexity without using any of these terms; that global inter-connectedness changes everything and has outpaced our learning…so assumptions based upon what we ‘know’ are (at best) unreliable; about the opportunities and threats that  – volatility, uncertainty and complexity afford us IF we are agile enough to adapt to THE new landscape; that innovation won’t happen like it did before, at the pace that it did or, necessarily, be led by Institutions and Corporations but through the collaboration of creative individuals; recognising creativity that accelerates our learning rather than stifling innovation and suppressing ‘creative destruction’ by promoting ‘self-similarity’; that, instead of expending time and resource trying (and failing!) to construct ‘failsafe’ systems we need to focus upon systems that are ‘safe to fail’.

All-in-all Eddie delivers the most upbeat, non-scientific, scientifically-based, kick in the ass for managers and consultants who trot out the same tired old claptrap about how business has been perceived…NOT how it is in the, real-time, real world of the Digital Age.

Current institutional arrangements, including the lack of incentives for the private sector to innovate for sustainability, and the lags inherent in the path dependent nature of innovation, contribute to lock-in, as does our incapacity to easily grasp the interactions implicit in complex problems, referred to here as the ingenuity gap.

Thomas Homer-Dixon

Waken up, smell the coffee and ‘git wi da programme before you do even more damage!!! As Alvin Toffler put it, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Economic madness:: way to go Sir David Attenborough!

‎"Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physically finite planet is either mad, or an economist."

-David Attenborough, 2011 speech to the RSA

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