Leadership is a service process

I hadn’t specifically considered the ‘leadership’ role as connecting the operational dots but, having identified the worst traits of ‘leaders’ in the prevailing culture, it is beneficial to reiterate the importance of effective information-flow amongst the constituent processes within an organisation.

We always need to remember that INTER-CONNECTED ISN’T INTERDEPENDENT and the most effective, resilient, systems ARE interdependent!

In the future executives are no longer meant to ‘occupy’ structures in order to use them for executing power and status, but are rather expected to create added value-oriented, sustainable processes and to understand leadership as a supportive service process. “The best companies are moving away from purely hierarchical organizational structures…


You’ve Been Trumped! Director Anthony Baxter speaks about his new documentary

This may not constitute ‘suffering for your art’ in some countries but it does in UK. But it also poses some serious questions about abuse of power!

Well done Anthony, for standing up to this bullshitting, bulldozing, bully.

Shortly after the bulldozers moved in to destroy the Menie Estate dunes, we discovered Mr Trump’s workers had cut off the water supply to 86-year-old Molly Forbes – Michael’s elderly mother – for nearly a week, and so my Producer Richard Phinney and I went to interview Mr Trump’s chief greenkeeper who also doubled as head of building works.

After the interview, Richard and I were both suddenly arrested on the property of another local resident – Susan Munro. We were then driven miles to Aberdeen, banged up in separate prison cells for several hours and stripped of our possessions. DNA, fingerprints and photos were all taken and camera equipment and footage impounded. We were both charged with ‘a breach of the peace’ a criminal offence which you can go to jail for in Scotland.

He’d be as well sticking a rug on his arse and talking out of that!