Seeing beyond flags of convenience for a virtuous ‘circle of life’

Don’t think ill of me because this (lengthy) extract is taken from an article I wrote earlier in the year [Don’t (just) believe your eyes:: heuristics + complexity = guesswork]. When I re-read it, I reckoned stood up pretty well on its own.

Also, I felt it tied in well with more frequent (and louder) calls for greater transparency and an increased awareness of the “lessons from nature” – that resilience comes from within – that are, so often, overlooked.

I hope you agree.

Too often, in the absence of information that we can understand and trust, we make assumptions based upon what we are TOLD and the outer appearance i.e. what WE see.

Our senses form part of our very own in-built risk management system! But we don’t KNOW as much as we would like to think. That is why we defer to others… 

What do we do when it comes to really big decisions…when we don’t have the opportunity/tools/expertise to establish the FACTS for ourselves?

We seek out the knowledge of those who are suitably trained and equipped to provide insight and understanding that supplements our own knowledge. These “experts” can come from a range of disciplines: from Doctors to Financial Advisors, Economists to scientists.

Smaller decisions, the type that may not immediately affect our health or wealth can, nevertheless, over time, have huge significance upon the near-term wealth and long term health of fellow global citizens, who, whilst living thousands of miles away, are nonetheless connected to us. So we should be aware, not so much of the power of advertising but of the impact of well-practised AMBIGUITY! The subtle difference between the two can appear to be so small as to be irrelevant but, in an inter-connected world [courtesy of the butterfly effect], the relatively minor or insignificant event can have huge and unintended consequences.

Remember the story of the young fruit seller?

This is why TRANSPARENCY is and must remain so high on the change agenda…otherwise vital information remains hidden.

Do you really think that, if the Food & Pharmaceuticals lobbies weren’t so monied and, therefore powerful, we would still have to scrutinise the (very) small and misleading print on everyday items in the Supermarkets? We are facing the huge healthcare costs of an ‘obesity epidemic’ – much of it induced and fed by man-made interference with foodstuffs because it increases margins for the Corporations who promote over-production, over-consumption and excess, because it brings them and their naive shareholders the returns that they, apparently, crave above all else.

Less about working with and more like raping Nature…so much for People – Planet – Profit!

Knowing what we now know, would your kids believe how long the tobacco lobby held-out? Can YOU believe it? Same with insurers and victims of Asbestosis?

So what about current issues like ‘peak oil’ and global warming: fact?; fiction?; worth a gamble?

So, even in the current economic climate, where a counter-intuitive flight to quality is evident, we need, if not expertise then, insight. The ‘more discerning’ or savvy consumers seek out marks of authenticity, traceability or quality assured. Sadly though, too often, the integrity of quality stamps (such as Fairtrade) have been compromised – should that be corrupted? – by the influence of big business, intent upon furthering their own ends…at any price.

Without access to detailed information we TRUST experts and organisations that espouse VALUES we identify with, to act in our best interests. To provide insight from their subject knowledge (based upon information that they have access to but is hidden or deliberately obscured from the layman or requires a deeper understanding than we possess) to aid their &/or our decision-making processes.

Beware of the duplicity of Corporations that prefer ‘greenwashing‘ to the real thing!

Ontonix are able to equip business owners with the tools to see the unseen and to develop expertise in a subject dear to their heart (and wallet!)…their own business:

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