It’s just bloody infuriating when other people can convey such meaningful messages so simply and effectively!


Here are three brilliant systems ideas that will explode in your face.


What is it? A cunning acronym, “the Purpose Of a System Is What It Does.”

Why’s it brilliant then? It reminds that intentions and express aims are not important, look at what is actually happening. The de-facto purpose.

Why will it explode in my face? People will think you are being cynical. When you say what you see, you’re the boy who spotted that the emperor was wearing no clothes. Nobody likes a tattle tale.

Why they’re wrong? It is them who are cynical. Cynically ignoring evidence of reality, preferring a consensual illusion instead. That’s the real cynicism.

2: “Doing the wrong thing righter.”

What is it? The Purpose Question!

“The righter we do the wrong thing, the wronger we become. When we make a mistake doing the wrong…

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Wanna know where its at in the Digital Age? Watch this…

Forget what you thought you knew about development and marketing: salespeople OUT; thought leaders IN

Why bother with systems thinking?:: presumably because you want to understand!

Team interactionI absolutely INSIST that you read this excellent 3 part series on ‘Systems Thinking’ (ST).

I came to ST along a path from insurance risk, to complexity and resilience but it made so much sense because, well, that is the way my brain is wired! When I was younger I didn’t buy in to the conventional Business Management books because they just didn’t feel right but ST did and, although it can, as John says, make you feel like you are going crazy! However, when the message is spelt out in such a readable manner I begin to see where I (and others) have been going wrong in our efforts to communicate the need for and benefits of change.

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