Fact or fabrication?:: Iran Attacks US Banks

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....

I am not anti-American nor am I given to looking for conspiracy theories BUT, wait a minute, what is that smell?

Can YOU smell it too? It smells like bullshit to me and “ticks so many boxes” that it looks like a lovingly crafted plot worthy of Hollywood. If you are a movie director or warmonger it wouldn’t work just quite so well if the alleged attacker were a non-Islamic country, particularly a powerful one like China, whose track record of cyber attacks on US isn’t great!

So here’s why I’m getting that whiff of BS.

The denial of service attacks now afflicting American banks are widely attributed to Iran. They’ve grown so serious that US banks have asked the National Security Agency for help.

via The Volokh Conspiracy » Iran Attacks US Banks; Privacy Groups Attack … NSA?

If there was ever any doubt that the US Government are puppets of the financial sector, the lack of meaningful actions against the architects of global financial meltdown – despite the frequency, nature and scale of their frauds – tells you all you need to know.

Jail pensioners for dodgy but low level arms deals. Pursue a journalist for telling the truth you wanted to hide from the people you are accountable and don’t just leave leave the Corporate money-launderers at large to feed-of the masses but re-capitalise and feed them!

Add to that the Fed and Rating Agencies executing policies that artificially maintain the “value” of USD and markets, whilst bullying other nations and currencies is outrageous. At home, instead of  reducing the current and growing, financial inequality, that could yet lead to social unrest, they seem intent to strip their citizens of their Constitutional rights – of course these aren’t only American issues!

However, they do have the, increasingly controversial, right to bear arms which is under pressure again and, although (surely) any right-minded person should welcome such a change, that would play very nicely into the Government’s hands. Because, if/when their citizens tire of a Government who are only consistent in their support of Corporations [1%] at the expense of their citizens [99%].

According to research banks (insurance) and Governments are the least trusted institutions. So, IF you wanted the means by which they were authorised to share highly sensitive financial information about your citizens you would need to have a really good story!?

Even better if it’s good enough to reinforce carefully cultivated prejudices that, whether soundly-based or not, supports existing US policy, coincidentally doing Israel a favour and, may in time lead to a war that, although very high risk, is for extremely high stakes when you consider the natural resources and the potential to take usury where, for good reason, it hasn’t been for a very long time.

Fighting a physical war is a high risk, high cost and unpopular strategy, so leaders of the prevailing culture have determined that it is better if they can do it covertly using tools that don’t cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build, arm and run. But the covert war is even more complex. It is not bloodless and it certainly isn’t victimless. Death in a physical war can be swift but the alternative path is slow, painful and destroys it’s victims, their families, communities and culture…until they unite under a common cause. I HOPE I am wrong but…

2 Responses to Fact or fabrication?:: Iran Attacks US Banks

  1. The human capital of people with inside knowledge is destroyed if they speak out. Position, contacts, invitations, income, and social life are all forfeited when an insider becomes a dissenter or a truth-teller. Only the extremely naive can believe that governments cannot keep conspiracies a secret, “because someone would talk.” No one talks, because talking harms the personal interests and human capital of the insider, and seldom does any good.


  2. One theory regarding Swartz suggests that authorities racked up the charges against him as a bargaining tactic, but also with the intention of converting him to become a mole for the authorities. As we saw in the case of Anon-turned-mole Sabu this can be highly effective.

    “We live in a world where the architects of the financial crisis regularly dine at the White House — and where even those brought to ‘justice’ never even have to admit any wrongdoing, let alone be labeled ‘felons,”‘ said friend and colleague Lawrence Lessig in his blog.


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