Ontonix:: WE have every reason to advocate transparency

The Ontonix ‘Corporate Mission’ is clear and there is no better starting point – or time to start – on the road to building a more effective and resilient business – communities – economies – world, than RIGHT NOW!

“In the past few decades we have conceived, designed and constructed extremely complex systems and infrastructures on which our lives depend to a very large degree. The list is endless but it all comes down to…

Check out this 3 minute video from Ontonix

Conventional tools and “wisdom” are inadequate for today’s Complex systems

Other Ontonix videos HERE

Learn more (Tutorials – downloadable – click on images):



Try out on-line our on-line solution:


Resilience Rating explained:


Check out on-line demo’s (click on images):



If you want some more reading…How about some Complexity facts or check these out…

Still want more…Drivers of Business Complexity & Simplicity

And, finally…Reveal Your Hidden Profits by Simplifying your Business!”, a White Paper written by our Ontonix colleague in Australia, Dr Ian Dover.

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