Competitive advantage from new insights on customers, risks and business cycles – Bain & Co.

It isn’t rocket science to figure that, if we keep asking the same questions, using the same metrics and look for familiar patterns in data we won’t get new, better answers or identify new patterns!

Identifying, mapping, monitoring and managing causal relationships is a means by which carriers of financial/insurance risk can seize a considerable competitive advantage…from an informational advantage.

Ontonix enables organisations [insurers] to do just that…in real-time, if required!

So, instead of relying upon attempts to predict the unpredictable and reflexive, post-loss, analysis the opportunity exists for ‘crisis anticipation’. Our experience of working across a wide range of sectors – from healthcare to aviation, automotive and engineering design to banking – is that, our unique analysis can enable effective loss prevention. A, potentially, transformational development for firms involved in insurance risk transfer, investing for future returns or protecting against unknown (or unknowable) future events…so where are the ‘Risk Leaders’?

Where are the financial organisations intent upon embracing complexity and ‘constructive transparency’ as components in a sustainable model fit for the Digital Age?

Building, measurable, resilience and providing a sound basis for TRUST are fundamentals in such volatile and uncertain times!

Almost all property/casualty insurers today have at least rudimentary analytical capabilities, but they tend to be confined to an actuarial group using traditional loss and underwriting data, and focus narrowly on how loss prediction can improve pricing.

High-performing firms, by contrast, take an approach that’s both more expansive and practical. They find meaningful linkages between claims and measures of personal responsibility, looking beyond actuarial data to uncover new data sources outside insurance…

Robust analytics give P/C insurers new insights on customers, risks and business cycles – Bain & Company – Publications.

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