Business & Risk Management:: redefining ‘steps to success’

English: This is a visual, organizational map ...

English: This is a visual, organizational map of complex systems broken into seven sub-groups. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may fully understand the products and services that your business supplies, even: how it operates – it’s many complex processes; who it’s key personnel, suppliers and customers are; it’s finances; be ‘sensitised’ to the early signs of (ever-present) opportunities and threats in the marketplace and; be well practised in the application of the tools and techniques of management BUT, here is the bad news: ALL OF THAT MAY STILL NOT BE ENOUGH, particularly if underlying theories or organisational structure are sources of unidentified and (therefore) unmanaged risk!!!

I have written plenty on the subject in an effort to convey the message that each business is wasting valuable resources to treat the symptoms of what WE have created and keep adding to [unintended consequences] at an ever-increasing pace whilst failing to address the root cause.

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Practice without sound theory will not scale

Dave Snowden, “Practice without sound theory will not scale“. Simple.

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