The 7 Element OEM System: Breaking the Vicious Complexity Cycle

CxU=FOrganizations often use different names in different areas for what are essentially the same controls addressing the same Causes of Failure. For instance, processes such as Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP), Process Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (PFMEA), Equipment Criticality Ranking, risk registers, risk “bow-ties”, and other similar tools are all designed to address the same common Cause of Failure – failure to identify and assess risk. Implementing multiple variations of the same tool in response to poor performance or incidents drives organizational and process complexity.

Good thinking, sound advice but the wrong starting point!

All in all this appears to represent a ‘smarter’ approach to managing complexity but it still lacks objectivity. A rigorous, quantitative, measurement of evolving complexity, over time, among networks of dynamic processes and sub-systems or their contribution to complexity within the overall system…or its ecosystem.

That is where initial and ongoing analysis from Ontonix can save significant time and resource; facilitate improvements to operational effectiveness; increase profitability; reduce risk; enable (re)building of resilient enterprises, ecosystems communities and economies…reducing exposure to systemic risk and other threats that lie beyond the conventional risk horizon.

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