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In business and life there are increasing levels of paradox and complexity – how are your managing? http://t.co/vJ8gnmgqJ3

David G Wilson‘s insight:

One paradox is that success can breed complacency. But why change something that works? The reality is that change is inevitable and occurs unnoticed. If you are not changing, then there is a strong probability that you are diminishing. A basic natural law is that if something is not growing, then it is decaying.


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Innovation:: managing complexity & reducing risk [Design News]

I was first aware of the author courtesy of this quote…that alarmingly few business ‘leaders’ appear to, either, believe or understand…

“In a complex system, learning how all the pieces—constant and variable—interact gives a depth of understanding that averts catastrophe. That is what we mean by human-centred design—understanding the interfaces among technology, people, communities, governments, and nature. This is what makes complexity manageable”.

If you are in the business of making money based upon the ability of another party to avoid financial loss, then your own ability to identify the properties that distinguish ‘good risk from bad’ is, SURELY, fundamental!? So the message that there is a means to gain “…understanding that averts catastrophe“, through “understanding the interfaces among technology, people, communities, governments, and nature” must surely be greeted with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Read more of this post