Our Mission

About Us

Ontonix is the World’s first company to have developed a technology to actually quantify and manage the biggest threat to a sustainable economy and global society – complexity. Complexity is rapidly increasing in all spheres of social life and constitutes a formidable source of fragility, exposure and inefficiency.

Our goal is to make decision-makers aware of the fact that complexity can be measured, and managed. The vision we share is that through the use of our Internet-based Complexity Management Service, corporations and businesses worldwide will become less complex, hence more competitive, healthier and less fragile, contributing to a sustainable global economy and society.

All ancient civilizations have collapsed. This is because they had reached their critical complexity and were unable to cope with the resulting fragility. Fragile civilizations are vulnerable and their most likely fate is collapse. In fact, none of the civilizations have been able to reach the so-called post-critical stage.

Our global society is quickly becoming more complex and therefore increasingly difficult to comprehend and manage. It too is becoming vulnerable. The rapid growth in complexity is reflected in an increasingly turbulent and uncertain economy as well as in the intensification of social problems. But sustainable growth in proximity of critical complexity is impossible. The World as a whole is quickly approaching its own critical complexity threshold, close to which the socio-economic structure will become dangerously fragile. It is vital for the survival of our civilization to know where this limit lies and to start actively and consciously measuring and managing complexity at all possible levels: organizations, corporations and nations. We are providing the technology and tools to achieve this ambitious goal.